About Us...

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality Pool Plant Courses and have decades of experience in the sector. We're part of Stockwell Safety, a NEBOSH accredited health and safety training and consultancy company.

We offer a money-back guarantee, which means that if you are not completely satisfied with the standard of our service, you will get a full refund. We also offer a best-price guarantee, so you can be sure you are not over-paying for your training.

We are very flexible. If you need us to come to you to deliver the training at your venue, we are the perfect choice as that's what we specialise in. We are also very flexible when it comes to dates; if you need a pool plant course delivered at short notice, we will be able to arrange that for you.

We provide excellent value for money. Our Pool Plant Courses are very competitively priced and we are able to offer the full Pool Plant Operator course for as little as £125.00 per delegate. We also offer a best-price guarantee, which means you won't find the same pool plant course for less anywhere else.

We look to add value wherever possible and we care about our clients. We say to all our clients following a course "If you need any help or advice in the future, don't hesitate to call". We mean it too, and when we do get a call, it's usually to get confirmation on something, or a quick bit of advice over the phone. That's fine with us because it means that our clients trust us and value our input.

We make our Pool Plant Courses interesting and engaging. We use a range of delivery methods to get the course content across and we live by the rule that if something doesn't add value, it gets dropped or replaced by something better.

What Others Say...

"Interesting course, well delivered, learnt a lot."

Duncan Miller, Facilities, Young Epilepsy

"All good. Worked well and the team got a lot out of it."

Ian Hamlet, Contract Operations Manager, Active Nation

"Very good. Content was good and was relevent to my job role."

Rennie Whitaker, Duty Manager, All Seasons Leisure Centre

"An excellent course for someone who had no knowledge of pool operations prior to it."

Tony Felgate, Pool Plant Operator, Active Nation 

"Having had no prior knowledge/experience, I found the content interesting and useful."

Stella Butcher, Team Member, HF Holidays Ltd.

"I think everything was covered clearly and fully. Found the course very interesting as had no prior knowledge."

Alison Newey, Assistant Manager, HF Holidays Ltd.

"I don't think it could be improved. It was compact, concise, and well delivered. A very informative course that helped my understanding of pool plant management a lot better. Thank you."

Colin Williams, Maintenance, HF Holidays Ltd.

"I learned a lot - thank you."

Tiffany Connolly, House Manager, HF Holidays Ltd.

"Adam was very good at explaining in depth and had wonderful delivery."

Bethany Watson-Wilkes, Spa Butler, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"I found the delivery of the course excellent."

Paul Brown, Maintenance, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Course was good - fully understood."

Rachel Johnson, Fitness Coach, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Everything was brilliant."

Lee Kirkland, Operations Manager, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Everything was good - mixed teaching methods were good."

Laura Towers, Spa Butler, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Extremely informative and presented in a way that was easy to learn and understand."

Michael O'Brien, Duty Manager, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Everything was of a good standard, including a number of teaching methods to include everyone."

Sophie Pearson, Spa Butler, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Explained easily for me to understand - great teacher!"

Julia Christina, Fitness Coach, Ramside Hall Hotel & Spa

"Found course very interesting and very helpful in a lot of ways."

Pauline Nolan, Supervisor, SPIE Facilities Services Northern UK

"Great course, would definitely recommend. Aimed at the right level. Adam delivered the course extremely well. Thank you."

Alan Sothern, Regional Technical Services Manager, SPIE Facilities Services Northern UK

"Very enjoyable and well-delivered. Would recommend to peers."

Kelvin Wood, Auditing & Training Services Manager, Sheildyourself Environmental Consultants

"An excellent course by a very knowledgeable instructor, carried out in a way that was very easy to take in."

Dave Treslove, Maintenance, Bilton Grange School

"Practical activities - the ones we did were very helpful and easier to take in, rather than just looking at a screen."

Joe Watt, Maintenance, Bilton Grange School

"The course has been very helpful to me and a big eye-opener."

Luke Mason, Maintenance, Bilton Grange School

"Excellent course. Due to our circumstances, Adam went above and beyond."

Darren Price, Maintenance Supervisor, Bilton Grange School

"The mini tests and plant room visits were the best as they were more engaging for remembering the topics. The course guide and topics covered were very in-depth and covered everything."

Jolanda Hind, Training & Development Manager, Middletons Hotel

"I enjoyed all of the interactive parts as it's easier to learn that way. The content was very inclusive. We covered all of the relevant information we needed for our pool."

Aimee Sadler, Gym Manager, Middletons Hotel

"Very important course, and eye-opening in many ways."

Danny Giles, Fitness Instructor, Red Carnation Hotels

"The booking was very easy. Adam was clear and took the time necessary for our diverse group of attendees."

Joe Layden, Regional Maintenance Manager, Red Carnation Hotels

" I found the course very informative. The tutor, Adam, was very helpful."

Stewart Ma, Maintenance, Red Carnation Hotels

"The delivery was good. Full of information needed."

Charlene Carter, Gym Manager, Red Carnation Hotels

"Course was perfect."

Arkadiusz Hibner, Maintenance, Red Carnation Hotels

"Good course, with relevant information and delivered well. Very easy to understand and learn. 

Jake Sowerby, Lifeguard,Sand-le-Mere Holiday Village

"We have recently used poolplantcourses.com to host a pool plant operators course for a group of our learners. I was extremely impressed with the simplicity of booking the programme. Adam took care of all the administration and the feedback from the learners and employer partners was very positive."

Andy Dent, Head of Operations, ICON Training

"Thank you for the excellent course at Water Hygiene Centre last week, I found the course very informative and well put over."

Daniel Pitcher, Managing Director, The Water Hygiene Centre

"Well Delivered."

"Very good, easy way of learning."

"Content and explanations very good."

"Course was very informative."

"Course put in a great format to understand and absorb."

"Excellent Lecturer."

Very professional, and great tutor."

"Exceeded expectations, lecturer was clear and very informative."

"Informative, enjoyable course, thanks."

"Enjoyable course. Tutor very knowledgeable."

"Excellent course delivered very professionally by very knowledgeable tutor. Fun and informative."

"Tutor very knowledgeable, made course interesting, with an informal and relaxing atmosphere."

"Thank you for a great course. Delivering the course on-site at our own premises meant the course could be tailored to meet our needs which was perfect. Adam was very knowledgeable and had lots of useful information and tips. Highly recommended!"

"Just to reiterate our thanks for your training this week. Certainly myself and Rob found your teaching methods and enthusiasm more inspiring than previous Pool Plant Courses we've attended. Will definitely be in touch when renewal required."

"I thought the course was really good last week and I certainly learnt a lot that I'm now applying."

"Very professional in both the pre-course info and the delivery. All delegates enjoyed the course and found it worthwhile."

"We found the tutor to be very informative and the course was interesting. All my staff enjoyed the course, which has helped us to manage our pool and plant better."

An excellent three day course. Well presented in a measured and informative manner. Many thanks."

"Everyone should go an a course!"

"Although it was an intense course, I have gained and improved my knowledge with regard to the operational side of the pool plant room."

"Thanks for presenting the course last week - v. enjoyable."

"Tutor was excellent. He knows his stuff!"

"Although it was a very intensive course, I have learned a lot and really enjoyed the 3 days."

"Made subject interesting and has given us lots of ideas and tips."

"Brilliant course! Better than expected. Well presented."