Physical Pollution

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Physical pollution is one of the three main categories of pollution that concerns pool plant operators (the other two being chemical and biological). As you might expect, physical pollution is made up of stuff that does not dissolve into the water:

  • dirt 
  • grit
  • sand
  • plasters 
  • bits of float  
Some of it will float around on the surface of the water and make it look unsightly. The deck-level surface water draw-off system will remove a good deal of this, but the skimmer and overflow channel designs are not nearly as effective, so any remaining physical pollution on the surface will need to be removed with a scoop or net. 

The heavier physical pollution will sink to the bottom of the pool and will need to be removed by sweeping it up to the deep end outlets, or by the use of a vacuum cleaner (either manual or automated).

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