The Most Effective Pool Water Treatment Method Ever!

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In many areas of management (and life in general), there are a limited number of issues and concerns that have the most impact on whatever it is your trying to manage. Effective swimming pool water treatment and pool plant operation is no different. During one of our pool plant courses, you will learn all sorts of things in order to understand what's happening with the swimming pool water and be able to diagnose and rectify problems quickly. 

All sorts of things can go wrong with swimming pool water for any number of different reasons. Things can get out of hand very quickly if you don't know what you're doing. However, there is one key variable that can have a dramatic influence on the quality of your pool water. Get this issue right, and you will experience far fewer problems with regard to pool water quality, you'll spend far less money on expensive chemicals and you and your duty managers will spend far less time trying to resolve issues. What's more, to implement and control this issue is very easy and simple to do and will hardly cost you anything in time, money or effort. So, what is this issue that can have such a dramatic effect? Pre-swim showering! 

I're probably feeling a little bit disappointed because after the build-up, you were expecting this article to discuss some fantastic product, new on the market, that would be the answer to your pool water treatment problems. Sorry about that. But really, you should look at your pre-swim showering policy and consider the following facts:

#1. the pollution on bather bodies is what makes up most of the pollution into the pool
#2. the remainder of the pollution only exists in the first place because of the chemical reactions resulting  from the chemicals your are having to add to deal with #1.
#3. pre-swim showering removes most of the pollution on bathers

#4. less bather pollution = less chemicals = less chemical by-products = better pool water = happy bathers

How difficult would it be to ensure that every bather, without fail, showers before entering your pool? It is, after all, your pool and your responsibility to keep it clean and safe. 

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