Physical Pollution

Physical pollution is one of the three main categories of pollution that concerns pool plant operators (the other two being chemical and biological). Physical pollution is made up of contaminants that do not dissolve in the water:

  • Dirt
  • Grit
  • Sand
  • Plasters
  • Bits of float 

Lighter physical pollution will float on the surface of the water, where it can be removed via the following methods:

Netting – using a long handled pole with net attachment

Scooping – using a long handled pole with scoop attachment

Skimming – the top layer of pool water is removed via the surface-water-draw-off-system (either scum trough, skimmer basket, or deck-level)

Heavier physical pollution will sink to the bottom of the pool and will settle on the bottom, where is can be removed either by sweeping it towards the pool outlets, or vacuuming the bottom of the pool (either manually, or with an automated pool vac).

Any smaller physical pollution that gets past the defences mentioned above will be transported via the circulation system to the plant room, where it will be removed via the filtration system.

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